Twitter Updates for 2011-09-11

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  • @BaltimoreGP Great race today! Thinking about coming down next year, looks like a lot of fun. #
  • @pressdog @IndyCar NY Times article re Baltimore. http://t.co/0YTWJmF Picture shows the safety truck snafu at the start. #indycar #
  • If I had a million dollars, we wouldn't have to eat Kraft Dinner…But we would…of course we would, we'd just eat more http://t.co/nNtSVfX #
  • Today's very awesome Google Doodle celebrates Freddie Mercury's (would be) 65th birthday. http://t.co/uOFyjkv #
  • @calamita I remember her! in reply to calamita #
  • So Yahoo fired their CEO. Someone remind me again what exactly Yahoo *does* these days? #
  • 2 years ago in Montreal, Shannon's guitar was stolen. Went again this year, and now bogus bank card charges are showing up from there! WTF? #
  • Can't trust those Canadians as far as you can throw them. #
  • I'm kidding, of course, about Canadians. All the Canadians I know are fine, upstanding folks. 🙂 #
  • @calamita Sadly, they haven't really done anything w/ Flickr since they bought it and FB is eating their lunch. And Yahoo Mail is just sad. in reply to calamita #
  • @SBPopOffValve Agree about the sugar. Too bad it's Pepsi. 🙂 #kosherCokeFTW (yes there is such a thing) in reply to SBPopOffValve #
  • Madden NFL commercial mentions the honey badger meme. Not sure what to make of that. Them ad agency people sure is hip to the interwebs. #
  • Jeez, this game is not exactly a defensive gem. #
  • @pressdog The internet is full of those. Kind of weird to see years old sites frozen in time. in reply to pressdog #
  • #geekhumor RT @jaredpar "The best thing about UDP jokes is that I don’t care if you get them or not." #
  • Switching to @twitteriffic on the desktop due to their support of Tweet Marker. Nice that it works for Tweetbot iOS too. #
  • Switching to @Twitterrific on the desktop due to their support of Tweet Marker. Nice that it works for Tweetbot iOS too. #
  • When did #NotreDame get green clovers on their helmets? #
  • @nguarracino Noticed the refs are wearing "old timey" caps too. Must be that "throwback" thing. in reply to nguarracino #
  • Sure didn't take Danica long to start doing NASCAR commercials. #
  • Watching Notre Dame game, UConn game, NASCAR race and Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp. Head is somewhat spinning. #
  • @nguarracino Multitasking FTW! in reply to nguarracino #
  • UConn QB lost his voice and can't sing. Meanwhile the bass player on R&R Fantasy Camp blew it on 4th and long. May have that slightly wrong. #
  • @SBPopOffValve They don't? Ohhhhhhhh Noooooooooooo! in reply to SBPopOffValve #
  • @nascarcasm @SBPopOffValve He's been getting cliche coaching from "Crash" Davis. in reply to nascarcasm #
  • Rams/Eagles is a poor substitute for the Bears game. @shanmcbru is not pleased. #
  • Watching USA/Ireland rugby. Have no idea what's going on. Is 10-0 a lot or a little? #
  • So getting it over the goal line is 5 points. Kicking it through the goal posts is 3. Currently 15-3 Ireland. #
  • Apparently there's a 2 point conversion kick after getting it over the goal line (a "try"?). Now 22-3 Ireland. Not looking good. #
  • @tyronem Oh, I remember promotions like that at the New Haven Ravens games. Minor league baseball is awesome. in reply to tyronem #

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