Twitter Updates for 2012-01-08

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  • @tyronem That was a fairly impressive collapse. in reply to tyronem #
  • Telly Savalas, you'd better watch out for that talking doll. She's evil, I tell you! #twilightzone #
  • "A Stop At Willoughby" is one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes. The rail depicted is MTA/Metro-North & the guy lives in Westport. #
  • When I'm on the train I sometimes wonder if some harried business guy will jump off shouting something about "Willoughby" #
  • @kmcgrady I agree. I like the "Journal" angle they're taking, but they do need features like export and access from the desktop. in reply to kmcgrady #
  • Switching between the Giants game and the Twilight Zone marathon. Kind of abrupt segues. #
  • I hope that call holds up – key play for the Gaints. Also, (spoiler alert) those tall aliens want to "serve" you for dinner. Oh, the irony. #
  • Oh, crap. Guess it didn't hold up. #
  • @tyronem Giants win, Jets loose. It was a good day. 🙂 in reply to tyronem #
  • @feliciaday Are you a mac person? If so, MacJournal in reply to feliciaday #
  • I'm starting to warm up to the idea that @path is a private journal that you can share parts of, rather than yet another social network. #
  • RT “@2p2TrollCat: @wilw Please RT to spread awareness: Awareness cannot be achieved through retweeting.” #
  • @micala Seriously? That sort of thing exists on college applications? That's depressing. in reply to micala #
  • Haircut time! (@ Jo Davi Salon) http://t.co/Qn2Orh0Q #
  • Made a cup of English Breakfast & Irish Breakfast tea as an experiment. Can't tell the difference. #
  • Watching The Fifth Element. Somehow, I never got around to seeing it. #
  • @NorrisShepherd Why are you watching water freeze? in reply to NorrisShepherd #
  • @calamita Not going to the game? in reply to calamita #
  • So – Fifth Element: +1 for style, inventiveness and all around acid trippyness. -1 for general plot coherence. #
  • @cshilton Great game, great song. in reply to cshilton #
  • @bcriscuolo @nguarracino Clam = best pizza ever. Preferably w/ garlic, olive oil, no sauce or cheese. in reply to bcriscuolo #
  • @bcriscuolo How come we don't have any interesting supermarket names up here in the North? Stop & Shop? How pedestrian. in reply to bcriscuolo #
  • Seeing John Wesley Harding. (@ The Outer Space w/ @shanmcbru) http://t.co/WKNJ1ZJR #
  • @tyronem @nguarracino Still have my Palm V and Treo in a box somewhere. The V is still a cool looking device. If you don't turn it on. in reply to tyronem #
  • Drinking a Harpoon Chocolate Stout at @theouterspacect Tastes like a chocolate egg cream. With a little kick. #
  • John Wesley Harding @WesleyStace There's a Starbucks Where The Starbucks Used To Be Witty critique of consumer culture http://t.co/wbtCPn20 #
  • @tyronem Just like "my computer" writes great code! in reply to tyronem #
  • And at the exact meant of kickoff, the dog needs to go outside. Don't think I missed much though. #
  • @WesleyStace You crazy daredevil, you! in reply to WesleyStace #

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