Twitter Updates for 2012-02-19

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  • Ah, everything old is new again – a Fairlight CMI on your iPad. It was a legend. Hello breathy-sounding 80s synth! http://t.co/haVwPh3Y #
  • Who needs to watch the Grammys when you can just read the twitter snark? OK, there's non-snarky stuff too. #
  • Kelly Clarkson has a microphone cozy. #
  • Dave Grohl rocking a Slayer t-shirt. #grammys #
  • Bon Iver wins Best New Artist. Another sad end to a promising career. #ItsAJinx #
  • Jeeze, a lot of great musicians passed away this year. 🙁 #
  • Apparently there is more foo to be fought. #
  • Guessing this is Deadmaus? #whatgaveitaway #
  • So I'm guessing when ravey electro-house-dj stuff is on the Grammys, the genre must be totally dead. #
  • @nguarracino Nicki Minaj apparently is in need of an exorcism. And now so am I. in reply to nguarracino #
  • Who's this Adele person I keep hearing about? 🙂 #
  • Oh my God, Adele didn't win!… Wait, just kidding. #
  • Ha! I'm not sure I've ever seen Paul play guitar. #
  • Yup, and I guess I'm old too. 🙂 “@sean_fennessey: Old White Men.” #
  • OK, Adele-song-stuck-in-my-head-since-last-night. You can leave any time now, thanks. #
  • @calamita Tweet a pic of something still alive when you eat it! in reply to calamita #
  • In case you've forgotten what the deal with Chris Brown was. http://t.co/AryZHx7e (link via @wilw) #
  • "Summer On The Beach" Valentines Day dinner: lobster roll, NE & RI clam chowder, crab cakes. http://t.co/c9l5lVPf #
  • "Summer On The Beach" Valentines Day dinner: lobster roll, NE & RI clam chowder, crab cakes. http://t.co/6skLDIuI #
  • Usually predictions of the future are hilariously inaccurate. This one though… http://t.co/MBpuGu7A #
  • @calamita That's pretty creepy actually. in reply to calamita #
  • They say a watched pot never boils. Apparently, neither does one where you don't turn the burner on. #whoknew #
  • So now we have iMessage support from the desktop? I like that *a lot*. Hope it actually works as advertised. #
  • So what are the odds of @Adium supporting iMessage? 😜 #
  • Hurray! Xcode is now an app in the App Store, instead of an app installer. That never made sense to me. #
  • So I'm a little confused re iMessage – you can be reached via a phone # or email on the phone, but only by email on the desktop? #
  • Wow, XCode 4.3 really changed things – there's no more /Developer dir and the command line tools aren't installed by default. #RTFM dummy! #
  • @warmwindssoft @bcriscuolo Congrats! in reply to warmwindssoft #
  • <giggles> “@shanmcbru: Always good to know they sell Whoopee Cushions in the grocery store. http://t.co/6BvEqk4B” #
  • Guy in Stop &Shop talking on cell phone, worried that Big Brother is listening (nope, just me). Also spouting conspiracy theories. #
  • @shanmcbru How's that tweetbot working for you? #
  • Watching NASCAR while reading the New Yorker. Have to stay far enough from the tv so they don't come in contact with each other and explode. #
  • @nguarracino I'm a complicated guy. 🙂 in reply to nguarracino #

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